16 June 2009

Pant, Pant, Huff, Huff! How pancakes got us fit!

Since moving from San Francisco two years ago, we have switched from a naturally active life, walking to and from work (up/down killer SF hills), to clients and just to have fun in the city, to a life where we drive everywhere and I work from home. Needless to say, out of shape came fast. Finding the right workout is hard. One we can do together and both benefit, stay interested, focused and challenged is even harder.

Pancakes. Yes, pancakes and actually bacon, at least for Y, turned out to be our salvation. Our favorite breakfast place here in Seattle is The Dish. What I thought was just an automotive repair shop/garage behind the restaurant where we occasionally devour yummy pancakes on the weekend, is actually Level 4: CrossFit Seattle. Y spotted the sidewalk sign one day as we sat by the window and it piqued our interest. We checked out the website and thought it sounded perfect for us and our goals.

We had our free one hour get-to-know/session last Friday with our trainer Sean and I won't lie, my thighs were annihilated and I basically moaned on every stair this past weekend, lol. It was the good kind of sore though and the kind you know is mostly due to having been a Mirra chair potato for the last two years and that my booty basically did not wish to defy gravity as part of our challenge included a circuit that ended with hopping on and off a wooden box. I had to do the baby height and could only hop 10 times and had to step up the last 10 [tisk tisk].

Tonight was our first full on session with our trainer Sean. OMG, this workout rocks! We are so happy we found this place. We were both challenged and the workouts are varied and interesting, not the same repetitive zombie stuff as at most gyms. We did 500 meters on the Concept 2 rowing machines, worked with kettlebells (which is a great cardio workout and tons of fun), push presses and pull-ups. Okay, Y did some pull-ups (he went to 11), I have never been able to even hang on and today was no different, so I got to start building my strength by using the gymnastic rings and pulling myself up from an angled position with my feet on the floor. Everything is tailored to our ability level and frankly it's the best workout ever!

So I am excited AND we get to do it together, even better, YAYs!!! I'll keep you all posted on our progress.



readingsully2 said...

That is wonderful. Good for you.

lostsentiments said...

best of luck love! I wish my hubby and I could find something we both enjoy doing together like that to keep us fit - hasnt' happened yet - but hope springs eternal. Yays for you two! ;)