13 June 2009


I have been MIA for a bit now and I know you all know I am getting married but that is pretty much under control at the moment, YAYs!!! What has been keeping me super busy is that beyond attempting to launch my own website, all by myself (which is still a major focus and time consumer), I also have decided to launch not one but TWO new shops on Etsy!


Wonderland Dreams
Dreamy Alice in Wonderland Jewelry


Superfly Delicious
Superfly Gifts and Delicious Paraphernalia

I started populating my shop this week and will be adding to the inventory, so keep checking in for new items.

There are so many wonderful little goodies I wish to get out there into your wonderful hands to make you feel beautiful, unique and giggly and I wish to do the same for your surroundings. These kind of items bring joy to my life and I just want to share :) It's all about the details in life and I really want to become known as the purveyor of beautiful little details. Throughout my career as an interior designer I was fortunate to do this on a much larger scale, entire rooms, houses, restaurants, buildings, shops, offices, car dealerships and even some magic at airports. I have just tuned my focus upon the individual. All I know is I am enjoying it immensely and I am pleased that I seem to be resonating out there with some kindred spirits.

Here is a look at some of the items recently listed:

and here is a look at the packaging:

I would love to know what you think! Feel free to leave comments, email me directly or even add me to your favorites (Oooooooooooo!).

Have a wonderful weekend!


readingsully2 said...

I think you are amazing. That is a tremendous amount work of your part. The shops are beautiful and I love the colors too.

Congrats on getting married.

Creative Coquette said...

[blush] YAYs!!!!

and thank you!


Boy, you are ambitious!
Off to have a good luck.

Greg said...

wow you have some great new items for sale here!

definitely gonna keep putting you in the NJC gift guide at holiday time.

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

beautiful shops! best wishes for many sales & much success! :)

cabin + cub said...

Wow! Two shops... congrats! Your stuff is so cute, I'm sure both shops will do really well.

ps. love your packaging!

Sara said...

I LOVE your new items!!! Good luck with the new shops!

lostsentiments said...

Whoa, you are a super ambitous woman, woman! :D I'm so 'cited for you! Congrats on getting married soon! I did not know til I read this post! :) Yay for new shops, new sites and mawage! :) They are all beautiful :D