30 August 2009

New Blog Location!

I've been working hard and have finally configured my old/new blog home to where I am happy, still tweaking but happy.

There was a bit of visual overload going on around here and I wanted to streamline everything, including the url.

Thank you to all who follow Gnawed Brains. I hope you will follow me at Creative Coquette.


O and I was able to transfer all my blog posts so you will find all my Gnawed Brains posts and your comments at Creative Coquette and if you dig deep into the archives you will see some of my old illustrations I did back when I thought I might attempt a web comic, lol, which were a part of that blog before this one.

Now that I have confused us all...

This is the last post here.

Please add Creative Coquette to your blog lists and bookmarks.

Thanks to all of you who inspire me to keep blogging. You all are a lovely bunch!!

I look forward to comments on the new blog regarding the layout as well.