19 April 2009

Project 365: Day 050

We went to The Dish for a nice yummy breakie and this is the mug they gave me for my coffee. Totally perfect. I really wanted to stuff it in my purse but since I haven't done that since my UCB days [blush] and I don't even carry a purse anymore (I used to have to lug so many samples/rocks etc. around for years as an interior designer and felt like such a bag lady, that now I try not to carry anything I can't deal with in my pocket or hands) I just took this photo instead :P


Angela said...

I love that you named your bike Stella! The mug - very cute! When people where shirts with the same thing on it - not so cute!

Have a good night!

cabin + cub said...

lol! that's what i feel like every monday morning! ugh!

Sara said...

I agree with Angela, the mug is cute! T-shirts with that, not so cute. :)

Highton-Ridley said...

If it was me, I would have gone to the proprietor and offered to buy it from them explaining how much I liked it. I might even joke how it would save them washing it up and how I would be putting a piccy on my blog (free publicity for them).

How could they refuse such a sweetie, making such an endearing request?

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