19 February 2009

Wreck This Journal: Number 1

As previously mentioned, my fiancé, Y, and I, Z, are
joining the fun and WTJ-ing together.
Our first installment includes cover wreckage
and our "This Book Belongs To:" page.

Y+Z covers

Y really got into it!

I like my addition of pink German glass glitter.
Now everywhere I take this, I will leave some 'magic' behind.

We used one of my diamond jeweler's files to scratch up the covers.

HAH! I erased our infos.
Can't risk crazies stalking us!

I luvs him


smilemonsters said...

Sweet journal wreckage!


Angela said...

Damn! Why haven't I gotten my journal yet?! Argh.

I love both of yours!!! I can not wait to get started!

Paper Lady Invites said...

Fun idea! Love the journals!


Brook said...

how wonderful!!! I need this damn thing! I think I am going to get it! Its calling my name.... if only my boyfriend was as wonderful and would want to join the fun.... :(

gladys said...

Love that pink glitter!

Just to let you know I've (finally) done the tag!

Strawberry Anarchy said...

Oh i forgot all about this! i need to get one at some point too it looks great fun!