17 February 2009

Wreck This Journal

So Jo of Smilemonsters had a contest for Wreck This Journal and I had never heard of it before but Oooooooo did it appeal to me. So I didn't win but Estela of life of a bird did win, I like her so it's all good :P

Part of Smilemonsters dealio for the contest was they are to both blog their progress through the journal. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun!!! [happy squeak]

Smilemonsters also welcomed other bloggers to join in the fun if they wanted and so far I know that Angela of Pickles on Pizza is on the WTJ fun path.

Hey, I'm not getting left out and mine arrived yesterday!!!! YAYs!!!! Yippees!!!!

I showed it to my fiancé and he wants to do one too. WooooooHoooooo! Even more funs. So I ordered his up and it should arrive this Thursday and we are both going to WTJ and share our progress here on my blog (he's so awesomeness)

I did play with it in front of my Photo Booth and here is a sneak peak of what's to come.hee

Stay tuned!



smilemonsters said...

Yaaaay! This is pure awesomeness. Even more so that your man is going to do it with you. I'm super excited and can't wait to see your first wrecking photos.

Jo :)

Angela said...

I am still waiting for mine to get here! Hopefully, it will be in my mailbox tomorrow. I really can't wait to start wrecking!

This is going to be SO much fun!