25 February 2009

Quick Update...

Whoooooo, been super busy since last week. FINALLY finishing up the homestead. YAYs!!! By early March we should be done! Moving twice (long distance) in two years kinda makes you drag your feet.

Been working on some neglected paperwork and all those business things that we wished we had at least an intern for, hee hee.

I'll have more on our WTJs for you this week and I hope to get some more items listed in my Etsy shop. I also need to work on my Zazzle shop, especially this hat I started that all the boys are clamoring me for :) Time just goes by so quick!

Hope you all are happy and well.



Karrie said...

Glad to see you pop in! :)
Hey, If I vote on your poll...do I have to be honest?...LOL.

Creative Coquette said...

LOL, I hope yer honest :P I really do want to know. As it is, I feel beyond silly in front of my computer "posing". [sheepish grin]