16 February 2009


I was tagged by cottoncolors and the rules are to tell seven things about yourself and then tag seven others.

1. I HATE milk. As in drinking it. According to my mom, she had to put Nestle's Chocolate in my bottle for me to drink it as a baby. As I grew up, only chocolate milk could cross my lips if it was ice cold and I could never drink the last bit in the glass. This forced milk drinking went down to only at breakfast and then stopped completely in high school. However, I have to add milk to hot coffee along with tons of sugar if I am to manage to drink coffee, never cold. O and please don't drink milk in front of me, ick, major gag reflex. I do loooooooooooove ice cream but not melted ice cream and cheese is way yum. I don't like milkshakes either, it's definitely a texture thing as well as a taste thing.

2. I LOVE the show So You Think You Can Dance and will watch episodes over and over because it makes me soooooooo happy. Sometimes I shed tears because I am moved so by the dance. I actually got to attend one of the shows in season 3 and it was awesomeness!

3. I have not been beaten at air hockey in over 25 years. OK, I probably haven't played a game in maybe 5 years and haven't had a major challenge in 0ver 8 but in the last major challenge I beat 12 people in a row, mostly male and some female, as in one right after another in games of 2 out of three. The next day I had a long bruise across the front of my thighs (where the table hit me) and my arms were sore for days.

4. When I arrived in Tokyo, for the first time ever, I was immediately whisked away to Costco and I had free sashimi samples (my neice's birthday was coming up and Costco was close to the airpost so the family took advantage of the trip, lol). It was a bit of a surreal and unexpected experience especially after the long flight.

5. I have a system for surviving long air flights like 14 hours Los Angeles to Sydney: get a window seat, stay up for the first meal if it's within 3 hours, then take a couple of NyQuil liquid gels, insert earplugs, put on eye mask, and crash under a blanket with a couple of pillows (one under my head and one between me and the hard arm rest next to the window). I can usually get a good 4 hours of sleep, at least. I have done this way too many times.

6. I am a hermit. I prefer to stay home doing my thang, working on projects, hanging with my beau (he's a hermit too) and our indoor kitty, Zira, ruler of our universe.

7. I play alot of video games with my man :P

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Estela said...

I'm a hermit too! It's more fun that way.
I will definitely have to do this later in the week. Weee! thanks for the tag