16 February 2009


I have this awful head cold thingy
with a tickle in my nose that is making
me friggin' c-r-a-z-y!!!

I've been trying to fight it off but it has taken over
and I need to rest. I'll be back to regularly scheduled blogging
when I can think straight again [sniffle sniffle].

Meanwhile my wonderful fiancé
gave me Mochi for valentine's day!

I was so surprised as I thought Mochi was gone forever when he sold so quick after I blogged about him. I guess I had cooed so much (I suppose petting Mochi on my screen didn't hurt, yes I did, lol) that he figured out that I was really in love with the little guy.

Mochi is even better in person<3!!
Visit Violet Pie for other wonderful luvs.

OK, I pass out nows. :P

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cottoncolors said...

Hope you feel better!
I got tagged. Now, I'm tagging you!