11 March 2009

Wednesday Cravings

How fun are these Bebaroque 'Roxy' stockings!!!!

The show stopping Roxy design is carefully hand embroidered using fabulous black fringing. When on the leg the fringe will swish and sway, whilst elegantly hanging down the back of your legs. Exclusively designed for Lascivious using a shorter 2.5cm tassel and a nude stocking, Roxy is the perfect compliment to any Lascivious collection. [from the Lascivious website]

Available at the Bebaroque website are the original Roxy Heart versions in:
Pastel Peach

Chestnut Bronze


These just make me want to go-go dance!


Caroline said...

The black and peach pair are cute, but for some reason the brown pair only makes me think of horses...and not in a aw, horses are so great kind of way, but in a gah! you've got a horse on your leg kind of way.

Creative Coquette said...

LOL, yes!!! It's the combo of the brownish color and the longer fringe, hahahaah!!