11 March 2009

Procet 365: Day 011

Comfort food that is actually healthy = Pho. Years ago my comfort food consisted of mainly oooey-gooey cheesy dishes like mac 'n cheese or pupusas de quseo con loroco. Those still have a major place in my heart, or tummy, but I always feel guilty and like a tub-o-lard when I eat them for comfort. Enter Pho Tai, rice noodle soup with eye-round steak. If I had a hard day, feel sickly, down or just plain out of sorts, Pho Tai makes it all better. Chicken soup never quite did it for me and all the cheezy stuff weighed me down the whole day. This soup fills me up, makes me feel all better and satisfies cravings without weighing me down. In San Francisco Aux Delices delivered amazing Pho Tai to my door, talk about being spoiled. Living in Seattle now, Saigon City, located in Bellevue, WA, has THE BEST Pho Tai. We will go out of our way to dine there. However, when in need of a to-go Pho fix near the homestead in Seattle, the local Than Brothers does the trick. If you have never experiend the Pho, do yourself a favor and try it, you will be glad you did.


Greg said...

a good bowl of pho is just so awesome. I FINALLY checked out the one around the corner from my place and it's really good...never tried any when I lived up north.

oh btw, I got a new apartment! no subletting or anything, a REAL apartment, and it's in the Inner Sunset! woo hoo!

Caroline said...

Okay, I read somewhere that in Chinese tradition chicken is very bad for you when you have a cold (something to do with needing to get the excess wind out of your system, and eating chicken generating more wind...not quite sure on the details).

Anyway, chicken noodle soup never really did it for me when I was sick and now I'm convinced that's why. This does sound much better.


I love Pho^ !

Lately though my Father-in-law has been bringing home a special delivery of Chinese soup dumplings. So good.
Boil like ravioli, chopped scallions, soy sauce, a drop of Sesame oil, and some of the same boiled-dumpling water to make the broth.

smilemonsters said...

Mmmmm, I must try.