15 July 2009

This is Sean...

...my personal trainer at CrossFit Seattle.

He makes me lift weights (like the kind in the Olympics dude), row like a maniac, squat waaaaaaaay too much, swing kettlebells, throw medicine balls, do farmer effin' walks and some other crazy stuff I never heard of that makes me sore.

He is nice.

I still hate him during workouts.
Hate's a bit strong but I am not in the middle of a circuit right now either.

This is what the goals look like:

I am at Level Negative I.


Angela said...

oohhh I don't think I would like him either!

Good for you though!


You are ambitious enough to hitch your work out to a guru star!...
so just go with it, you may find a new more defined You on the other side.
Be well. Be strong.

Sara said...

I run a 14 minute mile right now...I'm not even on that chart.

Gotta get to work!