01 May 2009

Project 365: Day 062

Since I acquired my newest prescription glasses, I rarely wear my contacts. However, I do miss all my sunglasses so with the sun out I decided to put in the contacts and strut in my current favorite pair of sunglasses. These happen to be Oakley Script Asian Fit which I accidentally discovered fit my non-Asian face so much better than the standard fit. They are big lenses but they don't hit my cheekbones and they fit my head better as they are more curved. YAYs!



the "Asian" fit is about the fit on the bridge of your nose; it's usually a better fit for the females.

I was walking around with a giant pair of prescription "Diva" sunglasses. Cannot get any bigger than those big Jackie O's.

I just recently traded out for a matched set of clear and sun. Narrow-nerdy-readers...and love them.

Paper Lady Invites said...

Sweet glasses! I love them!


gladys said...

It's nice to have a choice, isn't it? Love these.

NONtRENDY said...

There are asian fit sunglasses out there?!