14 May 2009

My Elph is wonky!

Arrrrrgh! My Canon Digital Elph camera is on the fritz, boo, sniff :(
Of course it decides to start to wonk out on both weekends my niece had her first piano and first ballet recitals. Crapness to the extreme! This is the camera I usually take out of the house as it is compact and even though it's 5 years old (I received it as part of my bonus at my old firm in SF back in 2004), it takes, or took, decent sized photos and video. Y's comparable camera died last Christmas. So we are now down to my camera phone which sucks and my super amazing Nikon D80 (a gift from Y back on Christmas 2006 <3) which I am still too scared of wandering outside with, lol. It's big and inconspicuous for just snapping a random shot here or there and with all the rain in Seattle I don't want to ruin it. I know I am a worry-puss and need to get over it especially since I have fantasies of taking real professional photos.

[scrunched up nose smirky smile]

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Angela said...

Last year, right before we went to Mexico, I washed our camera in the washing machine (it was in Aub's pants pocket) things like that always happen at a bad time.