23 May 2009

Marie Antoinette

I have long been intrigued by Marie Antoinette, having Antoinette as my middle name doesn't hurt. When I was in her bedroom at Versailles, I was mesmerized by all that I saw. It's more the romanticized notion of both this teen queen and last queen of France that intrigues. I gobbled up the massive eye candy that was Coppola's 2006 "account" of her private life. Decadent cakes, decadent shoes, decadent jewelry, and 80's pop musik, really, it's no surprise that I am massively drawn to this, is it?

I have been working on my own 'petite hommages' to this sensory bonbon. Here are some new items from my Marie Antoinette series:

Marie Antoinette Powder Puff

Wear whilst devouring beautiful yummy cupcakes.
It's guaranteed to make you smile and ooze regal 'tude.



readingsully2 said...

I love Marie Antoinette, as well. I was amazed at how small her bed was at Versailles. Did you visit her farm? I was so sad for her son.

YOur jewelry is lovely.


Last year, a friend hosted a huge wedding that was entirely based off Coppola's version of pastel pastures, and rock & roll score settings. It was brilliant.

Angela said...

Lovin' the earrings!