18 April 2009

Project 365: Day 049

We brought Stella home today! She's my new ride. Perfect for some fun exercise around the big beautiful lake next to our house (I seriously need some outside exercise now that I don't walk all over SF on a daily basis). As you can see, she was a bit buxom for our Mini. Luckily that convertible top saved us once again. We've moved some pretty large things in this manner. The Ballard Bookcase Company even sports a photo of us moving Y's two vinyl record shelves, LOL.

I'm excited to take Stella out. I managed to get the ring-dingy bell attached but we don't have the proper wrenches to change to the extra cushy seat I bought or attach my water bottle holder [frowny face]. Between Y and myself we seem to have every imaginable hex key/Allen wrench except the one we need. They are either too small or too big, WTF? We got the bolts off the extra seat but can't budge the ones on the existing seat without the proper wrench [sigh].

Yes, those be fuzzy green d20's (20 sided dice) hanging from our rearview mirror.

....O and did you peep the Miskatonic Univeristy Alumni plates on our car in the Ballard Bookcase photo?? We be nerds, yo.


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NONtRENDY said...

a convertable mini. I want one!