14 April 2009

Project 365: Day 045

Etsy shop owner Laura Walls Taylor quite possibly has the best timing. I decided to brew a batch of my current favorite tea, Red Bush Chai. I haven't had tea in months. I go through moods. Today my tea had literally just finished steeping when UPS showed up at my door with my new Vulture Mug. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

I love my new mug and it is now my favorite. It is the perfect size and fits my hands and fingers comfortably. The little vulture rider makes for a great thumb rest. The lines are beautiful on this piece. If it were not for Etsy, I wouldn't be able to own this little work of art. The best part is knowing that my hard earned money is going mostly to the artist herself.

I need to finish my tea before Vic The Vulture gets any ideas :P


Sara said...

That's an awesome cup! I have a Jack Skellington mug from Hot Topic for my hot drinks. It's deep and really round. Love it.

Creative Coquette said...

Sounds like my monster hot chocolate mug Y got me at Disney Studios when he went there for a meeting.


cabin + cub said...

Cute mug! Its like he is waiting to take a sip when you look away!

Anonymous said...

I love love love mugs...and tea!

Anonymous said...

What a cool find! And good for you for buying homemade!