10 April 2009

Project 365: Day 041

As you might be aware, all Foxy Monster jewelry items come in a black and soft pink jewelry box with non-tarnish cotton. A black and pink double sided satin ribbon/bow (which slides on and off) completes the look for a perfect presentation as a gift or just to keep.

It all ends up looking like this after I hand tie the bow:

Why do I include this??? Isn't this extravagant or wasteful???

There's actually a very good reason beyond presentation, which, however, is still very important to me.

The main reason is that it is the best and most economical way for you, my customers, to receive your items. I buy these boxes in bulk at wholesale prices and I do not make any profit on the packaging. I charge you what it costs me. In exchange for that, you get a beautiful sturdy box which has kept your item safe during shipment. If it is a gift for someone, you are done. No need to go around and spend more money or time on wrapping. I have had many grateful male customers excited that it's all ready for gift giving :P You also can store the original Foxy Monster jewelry item/s in this box, as well as other pieces if you want, and it will help prevent your items from tarnishing due to the special cotton pad I use. The ribbon is purposely tied so you can slide it on and off without having to undo the whole thing. If you don't want to use the box for any of the purposes mentioned, then you can still save it for future use when you need to wrap any small item. This is why I do not add any Foxy Monster branding on the actual boxes.

In my opinion, if I have to charge my customers for protective shipping materials, I would much rather charge for a useful and beautiful jewelry box with many purposes than for a shipping box or other protective materials that may or may not be recyclable and will most certainly end up in the trash. For the same expense and protection of your items arriving in one piece, you get something you can actually use.

I also practice combined practical shipping. If I have a customer who is ordering multiple jewelry items, I always ask if they are going to all be individual gifts. If not, I offer the option of combing items together in larger jewelry boxes as appropriate. This saves my customers money in shipping charges and I always refund any shipping overages of a $1.00 or more back to their PayPal account.

It is truly a win win for all.



Angela said...

I think the boxes are great! Maybe one day Foxy Monster pink and black will be as popular as Tiffany blue!

Creative Coquette said...

Oooooo!! You are wonderful to put that out in the universe!!!!

me heart you :)

Angela said...

I love the comment you left on my blog tonight. I am going to print it and frame it and put in my new studio (if I ever get it finished) Whenever I doubt myself and my work, I will read it.

My husband (who is a singer/songwriter) and I had a great discussion about that very thing last night. Sometimes, I think people will view my art as silly because it is so childlike, but it is mine and I HAVE to create it! Yay artists!

Uniflame said...

I really love your packaging!!!

cabin + cub said...

i love the packaging! it makes it getting the package that much more special!

Sara said...

I think the boxes are a great idea! I love it when my items come to me looking like presents. :)

Anonymous said...

agreed. plus everything is so much better when it's well packaged.