07 April 2009

Project 365: Day 038

I am a big fan of the Amazon Fresh delivery service. I have done Safeway delivery in the past and in SF even had a special produce delivery service. However, the best thing about Amazon Fresh is that they have a combo of stuff you find at Safeway, Whole Foods and nowhere else. It's the nowhere else stuff that makes my day. Take these cupcakes from Always Room For Dessert, a local bakery, they actually deliver these to my home and they are waaaaaaay yummy, moist and chocolaty!!! I got a hankering last night and voilá here they are at 11 am the next day. What more could a girl want?????


Interior Designer said...

This is terrible. I was managing fine without delicious food until I came across your picture here and now I am craving cupcakes. The 'moist and chocolaty' bit didn't help either.

Creative Coquette said...

hee, saw-wee ;)

they are all gone and I am that much fatter now, crap-o-la