02 April 2009

Project 365: Day 033

Today I went to try on dresses for the big day. I tried on a good dozen of all sorts of styles. My initial thought of what might be a good style to hide all sins, think Grecian goddess flowy strapless, did not really do anything to flatter my shape. They gave me some halter styles but I really don't like halters as I feel like my head is being pulled down all day, lol. In the end it was down to two dresses, one they chose for me and one of my top three before I went in. I ended up picking the one on my top three. I would describe it as modern and sophisticated with just enough special and different detail than anything I have seen. The other dress was a tad too bridal cliché, not overly so, yet it was very beautiful on me, strapless with some lace with beading, corseting down the back and overall chiffony overlay. Unfortunately the sample of my dress was too small to really see what it looks like on me but from what I saw and imagined, it was beautiful and what I had hoped for. So now, until it arrives, I sit here and go back and forth between the two, hoping I truly have picked the dress :P

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Uniflame said...

Finding the right dress is ao awesome ^^ I know since I am waiting for mine ;) I am glad you found it ^^