15 March 2009

Yazmine (The First)

Saturday was the big day. My first game of D&D ever. The main accomplishment of the event was Yazmine, my kick ass character.

Here are her stats:

Name: Yazmine
Class: Magic-User
Race: Elf
Worships: Jwas Medar (god-o-magic)

Strength: 16
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 10
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 15
Charisma: 14
(I am told these are very decent scores.)

As an Elf I can switch from being a magic-user to a fighter as long as I decide this before each of our sessions. I am told I have really good stats for a fighter. As a fighter I can get to 4th level but as a magic-user I can reach 8th level. As I get experience it gets divided between my two classes.

+1 "to hit"
+1 to damage
+1 to hit when using sword or bow
+1 hit point per level
and Loyalty Base of +1

Weight Allowance: +300
Open Doors: 1-4
Chance to Know Spells: 85%
Minimum Spells per Level: 7
Maximum Spells per Level: All
Resurrection Survival: 90%
Spell Survival: 95%
Maximum Number of Hirelings: 5
and +10% to earned experience (Woohoo!)

She speaks: Elvish, the common tongue of mankind, and 7 more that will be figured out later.

Level: 1 (Medium)
Hit points: 5

For saving throws:
Death Ray or Poison: 13
Wands: 14
Stone: 13
Dragon's Breath: 16
Staves and Spells: 15

Yazmine managed to acquire all but one, Sleep, of her first level spells:
Detect Magic
Hold Portal
Read Magic
Read Languages
Protection from Evil
Charm Person
and her fave Magic Missile, which she chose to memorize at this time. (You only get one spell per day and until Yazmine rests or can be protected for of few hours to memorize another spell from her spell book, that is it for the day at level one. Pretty dang sucky state of affairs. She has to really think before using her dang missile.)

She started out with 150 gold pieces and went immediately to the store to buy equipment.
Here is the list with the cost of gold next to each item:
light horse=40
saddle bags=10
two small sacks=2
blanket and a bedroll=1
water skin=1
flint and steel=1
one week of iron rations (food)=15
grooming supplies=1
small silver mirror=15 (it takes work to be a good looking elf)
she had to settle for sturdy clothing=10
but after much protest and a request to see the manager at the store, she manged to get her hawt kick-ass stiletto boots=10 (which can be used as a weapon BTW, hee)
This has left Yazmine with a mere 4 gold pieces for now.

Her encumberence=434
and movement rate=12 inches

We are in The World of Yezmyr and the "crew" consists of Yazmine, an elven magic-user, Guaif, a human thief, Trebor Yenoom, a human fighter, Rudolphino, a human paladin and Candela Shadowslayer, a human cleric.

I have been told Yazmine is a pretty rockin' chick with some strong stats. Now she just has to stay alive. I do have to come up with Yazmine II and Yazmine III before our next session because death lurks everywhere. We tragically found this out. As soon as our pack of adventurers left the pub in search of the scary Gnolls, we had barely set off down the road to rest for the night, when we were attacked by two giant ants that ended up too strong for our mere level one status and ended the life of our thief, Guaif.

Creating the characters had taken so long, especially for me, even with help. Basically for myself, until we got to the point in our adventure where I could use my Magic Missile against the giant ants, I was all out of my comfort zone and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. I had just gotten the plot, so to speak, when the ants attacked, scoffed at my Magic Missile and killed Guaif, so I asked for a do over, LOL, because frankly, we just started and those ants were way too dang hard and I was not about to have to endure another awkward pub meeting thingy. Luckily, the DM obliged at this point. It will be the only time. So, Guaif ended up only injured (with 1 hit point!) and we grabbed him and our horses and fled from the giant ants.

Our "crew" managed to kill four jackals out of six in another attack and then we came upon some caves. Yazmine was not thrilled about these caves, she had a bad feeling. Guaif, our thief, who acts as our scout cuz he is all stealthy and sneaky, went ahead to check out the caves. At one point he was so far in we had to go in behind him so we could still hear him if there was trouble. He couldn't hear a thing and so far had not seen anything along one route in the cave. Along another route one wall had two tunnels leading off to the side. Since Yazmine, as an Elf, has infravision, she went to peek inside the tunnels. First tunnel she picked up two 3 foot wide blobs of heat signatures and in the second tunnel further back two more even bigger and she heard loads of creepy rustling. She advised all to GTFO! Guaif and Trebor, our fighter, wanted to explore further on the initial route that Guaif had gone down, convinced there might be treasure. Yazmine refused to peek and told them they could go check it out with the torch if they just had to see what was there. They did, only to hear more rustling and shapes moving. So we finally GTFO! Yazmine seems to think there are some evil giant spiders lurking in there and wants nothing to do with them at level one.

Unfortunately, as we ended the nights session, the "crew" finds themselves, after Trebor broke down a door at this ruin they were checking out, being attacked by big ugly ass Gnolls who are coming out of said door. Luckily Yazmine isn't right by the door and has a Magic Missile at the ready, but I wonder if when we get together in two weeks it wouldn't be better for her to be a fighter, although fighting from a distance and running sounds like the best plan right now. :P

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