18 March 2009

Project 365: Day 018

I am helping a friend out with his new apartment. I did one of his places years ago and he is back for more, heh heh heh. So I was looking through my favorite paint deck, ICI Paints. The reps for ICI were always the best and they always had the best colors and samples. I used them for my old apartment in San Francisco and for most of my clients. The paint has great coverage and the staff at their paint outlets were always very helpful. Color is a beautiful thing and paint is such an inexpensive way to change your surroundings into something special. I had rented for so many years and I will never forget the moment that changed my rental happiness forever. It was the moment one of my professors at UCB asked all us fresh faced designer wannabes if our walls were the color we desired or if we were "waiting" until we owned. Most of us rented and declared with a sigh that we were "waiting". He immediately scoffed and annouced, "That is what the deposit is for!"


Angela said...

I love it!!! That is what the deposit is for!!

Right before I got married, I lived in this little one bdrm apt. The dining room had one wall with wallpaper on it and it had little bundles of wheat all over it! It drove me crazy! I worked in a wallpaper store and one afternoon I brought home some beautiful yellow on yellow harlequin wallpaper and pasted right over that wheat!

When I moved out, my landlord never said a word...he knew it looked better!

Greg said...

Trust me when I say your help is appreciated...after watching you transform that place in SF from "omgwtf" to "OMG OMG FTW!" I knew I had to ask some advice from the Jedi Master of Making Places Look Awesome.

Still in the old place packing up the last few boxes...I kinda feel like Adama packing up to move to the baseship..