11 February 2009

Wednesday Cravings: Only $6,295.00

A tribute to Marie Antoinette by Christian Louboutin

A couple more colors:

Art is beautiful!
Like so many other works of art,
I shall have to just admire these and dream.



gladys said...

OMG - aren't they wonderful (doubt if I could walk in them though!)

Karrie said...

For Shoes! What? I'm sorry I just don't understand...I am a sneaker and boot kind of girl. I don't think I could walk in shoes half that height...LOL

Creative Coquette said...

@gladys: These made me drool. I wore stilettos for 20 years until my doc banned me...[sniff]...

@Karrie:...so I am now a sneaker & boots girl too (especially living in Seattle now)