04 February 2009

So now I am depressed...


The lovely blogger accepted my explanation and admitted that even after rereading it she didn't get it but said she was surprised at how she could have offended someone so badly with her post, LOL, confusion reigns today. I thought about taking this post down but I think it speaks to commenting in general and I worry now that I may have inadvertantly offended someone else with my attempts at humor. Heck, I ain't no comedian but I like to laugh and smile. So if I ever offened anyone please know I really do like all the blogs I am following, that's why I follow them. You are all such talented peeps. I only leave comments when I enjoy something. Heck, not everything is my cup of tea but it's not just about me in this world, hahahaah.

I am no longer depressed, all is right with the world. :)

***Original Post***
Today I had time to check on all my lovely fellow bloggers and I have been going down my list of blogs on my follow list and leaving comments for all of you because as we all know we heart comments.

I know you all don't "know" me but I really do think you can tell I am not a negative person. Well I read a blog about this great fashion page and it turned out to be a seriously addicting page which I immediately fell in love with. So I left a comment for the lovely blogger thanking her for sharing the site. I left something along the lines of (trying to recall):

"OMG, like I need more stuff that I just HAVE TO read!

Thanks. No seriously, danke!"

Loose recollection of what I wrote. I then proceeded to drool over the site and added it to my "must read" section of my bookmarks.

Well, to my dismay and shock I received a convo on Etsy from the lovely blogger who totally ragged on me for leaving a negative comment on her blog (which she has not approved) and basically has told me to not be obnoxious to strangers.


I have written her back trying to explain and asking her to reread my comment in light of my explained humor attempt which has obviously failed.

This saddens me and makes me not want to comment. At least for the rest of today. My apologies to those I have missed today.

I'll get over it but what a bummer, dude.


Karrie said...

Leaving comments are tough just for the reason you said..people have no clue who you are. Don't sweat it :] You were just being funny! Now you have me thinking..
I think it was not so nice of the person to leave a convo about it.
It is upsetting but don't sweat it. You can leave me funny comments any time ;)
Maybe I took a chance with leaving a comment on you leaving a comment...LOL

Creative Coquette said...

LOL, I'm a wee gun shy today BUT expect some big attempts at comment humor on your blog in the near future!

and YAYs! She has accepted my explanation and all is right with the world! I just hope I haven't offended anyone else!

I think it didn't help me throwing in German either, heh heh.

Karrie said...

LOL...Not a problem any time!!!!

cjc said...

I wouldn't let it bother you, just a misunderstanding. You haven't offended me ever and I really like reading your blog. Your humor humors me!

Angela said...

Just yesterday, I read a blog and the title was something like "Excuse Me, but I did not know I enrolled in Blogger Middle School"...this particular blogger got an ugly email from someone for not commenting on HER blog enough. I think it is crazy. I try to go down my long list of blogs everyday. I skim some, I read others. Some days I comment, some days I don't.
I also have a dry sense of humor and I really have to think before I post. As far as my blog goes, be as quirky with your comments as you want. I like quirky, dry humor.
Now, stop sticking your foot in your mouth. :)

Autumn said...

Hey, don't let it bug you, you meant well, and am glad the misunderstanding cleared up, you can leave comments any time:)

Estela said...

When I read what you wrote to her I read it with sarcasm. That's a bummer that happened but at least you two straightened it out! haha even though it seemed like an awkward moment!

smilemonsters said...

Awww that sucks! It's funny cuz you just can't get tone and expression through test. :) I'm glad it all worked out. I get your humor. ;) I wonder how many comments I have left that make people go "WTF?"!


Creative Coquette said...

Hey thanks for all the great comments and the love. I am glad the lovely blogger let me know so we could work it all out.

See all this just goes to show that there are some awesome people out here and that we should all use smileys and LOLs at all times when that is what we mean, LOL

tee hee