01 February 2009

I Heart Power Tools

I never learned how to sew but I did glue and staple my way through life from a very young age. When I was around seven I started taking the cut off bottoms of my jeans, as I out grew them, and turning them into "purses" by gluing the bottoms shut, folding over the tops and using more glue to attach all sorts of decorative elements. This lack of sewing skills, overuse of glue and my fascination with power tools, I explain as the reason why I ended up an Interior Designer and not a Fashion Designer.

Prized amongst my little collection of powered tools have been my electric staple gun, purchased in college when I decided to add zebra patterned fabric inset into the wall behind my "sofa",

my Bosch cordless drill, for which I even posses concrete bits [drool], I know, I'm weird , and even my electric eraser,

much used during my early years in Architecture school when we had to hand ink all our plans before AutoCAD took over the world and my life.

Yesterday, I finally added a Dremel Stylus!

I have been wanting one of these for awhile. I recently received a custom jewelry order which has provided the excuse to get this baby. I am way excited to try it out today. I have a feeling it's going to be added to my list of faves. It came with all these groovy attachments, plus I bought extra ones and I am sure I will be adding more once I figure out what they are all for.

So I am off to Dremel!

One day .... one day that is getting closer, I can feel it [wishes extra hard], I will have an entire workshop with every tool I have ever drooled over.

That will be a very fine day :)


Karrie said...

OH.... I love power tools too! Give me a cordless screwdriver and I am one happy lady. Even if I can us a hand held screw driver...I don't. Glad to know I am not the only one :)

cjc said...

Your not at all wierd. I am anxiously waiting to buy my own power tools when I can afford it rather than using borrowed ones. I was the only female in Lowe's the other day looking at scroll saws and table saws. I always think people think I am weird. I am very new to selling online and as soon as I start making some money, I'm off to buy power tools!

Creative Coquette said...

cjc: I have been wanting a table saw since I was in elementary school!

YAY for us power tool packin' chicas!


Moxie said...

I have power tool envy and have been wanting a dremel for ages. Congrats, put it to good use.