27 February 2009

Friday Color Reel: Chocolate

Chocolate: CMYK=70-90-100-40

Inspired by the cupcake I am devouring at the moment.
[nom nom nom]

W March 2009 Issue

Finsbury by L.A.M.B.

The best hot chocolate in Paris,
Angélina Salon de thé.

Thick and rich.
Find recipes here.

Godiva Suite, New York.

A true chocolate interior design!


Greg said...

how do you find such awesome pics that all match the color you pick? these are alway fun to look at!

Creative Coquette said...

LOL...I should prolly get a life [tee hee]

you know me and color
plus, I think my good karma helps

Angela said...

Chocolate! Mmmmmm! I love brown :) Great picks...and ya know, I didn't even think about kitty treats....hmmm

Uniflame said...

I think the best kind of chocolate is your cupcake ;)