26 January 2009

Ocular Glitter Mondays: Number 1

Today begins a new regular feature on the blog:
Ocular Glitter Mondays


I will share an image collage/mash-up of sorts, created by me, of what I find inspiring for the week.

The idea being you all wish to get a glimpse inside of what I call the 'happy weird wonderland' that resides in my brain and influences my soul . Baw-haw-haw-haaaaah!

As a self described, or is it prescribed, Visual Vixen, a moniker I have used for years around the web as part of my visually themed endeavors, I am a collector of images which I call upon for inspiration not only for work but for daily enrichment.
Let's face it, me likes to look at cool stuffs!

O, and don't expect much, if any, explanation of why.
It's a feeling,
the voices said to do it,
who bloody cares why?
That is not the point of glitter.

You take what you want from it.
Maybe it will spark something within you.

This week:
Bettie Page and Black Damask:


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