30 January 2009

Friday Color Reel: My Perfect Pink

This is the first of a new weekly feature. (yes, the 3rd of new weekly features launched this week)

It will be a sort of color inspired photo log consisting of a Color Block with the CMYK color formula and images I run across on the internet, most likely, but I may add other sources if I feel it appropriate, that represents the week's color. Hopefully you all will enjoy it as much as I like the idea of doing it :P

Please note, if I can figure out where/to whom the image belongs I will include a link. If you ever see an image without a link and know where it's from, please forward that info along to me. Unfortunately, many of the links I had no longer work because the item was released many years ago. I will try to minimize that in future posts.

This week, in honor of this being the first Friday Color Reel, I must go with my favorite color, Pink.

My Perfect Pink: CMYK=0-36-14-0

Retro Phone

Hello Kitty Laptop

Comfy Sofa

Old Skool-Typewriter!

Fauteuil Chair

and of course we need some Harajuku



KnittingsMyBag said...

Cute idea!

Audrey said...

Well - pink is not one of my favorite colors. But I do like the pink car!

smilemonsters said...

Gotta love pink!

Jo :)

AnastasiaC said...

oh i love it!! great shade of pink...Betsey Johnson's apt is FAB!!