10 November 2008

Back to work!

I took a wee bit of time off and went back to my hometown for a lil R&R.
It's been 18 months.
I love Seattle but there are things in SF I really do miss.
[beyond friends and family of course]
  • Pancho Villa - Burritos!!!!! Mission Style! HELL YES, they are as good as I remembered, Yummers! Why-O-Why can't I find a burrito worth a damn outside of the Mission or Bay Area for that matter???
  • Cable Cars - I lived for years were I could hear the cable car right out my window. Yes, it was a good thing. Luckily we stayed in a hotel where the cable car sounds wafted in like a sweet serenade.
  • Walking - I lived in such a beautiful and central area of SF that I could walk to anything. K, so a girl did resort to the cable car going up hill (it was the California Street hill after all) and a taxi in the late hours (I lived no more than $10 from anything worth a damn).
  • Pho Delivery - Yes, to my door and it was too frigging yummy!
Well I am back now in beautiful Seattle. I do love it here and even though I have to go burritoless, I would not trade my life here at all.

I am working on more pieces for the Foxy Monster site as well as some custom card orders. Be sure to check out this blog for updates on new items.


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